October 11, 2018

Buy the Book!

I Love You, Clowns Are Scary~Ho’oponopono for Kids and Other People can be purchased at Levin’s Books in Healdsburg and through Balboa Press, Amazon and Barnes and Noble. 

Ask for it at your local public library.

Contact the author for a personalized signed copy of the book:  707-433-3351


Have you ever wanted to figure out what’s inside your head?  This book literally gives a guided tour inside your mind and introduces you to “Thynk” and “Imp”  (your rational mind and your imagination).  You will explore your “Realm of Awareness” (your conscious mind) and find your
“Sacred Gardens” (your inner healing realm).  For children and teens, it’s an accessible way to start learning to clean up your mind and develop healthy habits of self-care.  For adults, it’s an opportunity to go back and give yourself a second chance to love yourself.  For all ages, it’s delightful, wonderfully creative and helpful.

-Jan Ogren, MFT, licensed psychotherapist, international author, and storyteller is author of Dragon Magic:Amazing Fables for All Ages, Dividing Worlds, and the upcoming ground-breaking book, Psychological Shaminism.   www.JanOgren.net

_In this remarkable book, author Kitty Wells teaches us about ho’oponopono, an ancient Hawaiian healing and forgiveness practice.  The process comes to life through the animated adventures of Dakota and the friends and mentors met along the way.  The reader is introduced to slo-mopono which, along with a chapter of easy meditations, strengthens one’s skill in letting go.  Full of stories, examples, and tools, I Love You, Clowns
Are Scary 
is written for “kids” in middle school, high school, and college.  This noteworthy book would be helpful to older adults who are interested in psychology and spirituality.  Ho’oponopono fits seamlessly into a variety of psychotherapeutic approaches, as well.  A must read!

-Linda Lambert, ED. CD., professor emeritus, California State University, East Bay, and author of eight books on leadership and The Justine Trilogy.

As a health professional and serial entrepreneur, I found this introduction to ho’oponopono extremely helpful.  Kitty Wells is a great story teller.  The book is full of practical examples and guidance for the reader about how to put these principles into use in our daily lives, specifically, how to da\eal with adversity and difficult situations in a simple yet powerful way.  I would recommend this beautifully illustrated book to readers of all ages and interests.

-Marc J Fine, BSN<MPH, is the author of Buddah in a Business Suit, The Annual Hippo Ball, The Goldsmith’s Daughter and, coming soon, The Aviator’s Daughter and the Monk’s Daughter.